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Please note: This summary is provided to help you understand the regulations. Consult the references provided for links to the full text of the regulations.

TERC Compliance Summary Tool -- Water

How many times have you asked yourself -- Do I need a permit? Do I have recordkeeping and reporting requirements adequately covered? Where can I find specific regulatory information for my operation? Who can I contact for more information?

Environmental regulations affect every business that use fuels and chemicals, generates solid wastes, discharges wastewater, or emits air pollutants. How do I deal with all of this?

This tool will help you answer these and other questions you may have. Using the tool you will be able to generate a customized compliance assistance checklist for your vessel and/or on-shore maintenance activities. Just answer each of the questions below and click the "Obtain a Compliance Assistance Report" at the bottom of the form.

Select state (home port or location of maintenance/repair facility):
YesNoNot Sure
Do you operate on-board or on-shore maintenance, repair or similar activities that involve the following materials or wastes (check all that apply).
   Hazardous Chemicals
   Hazardous Waste
   Motor Oil/Oil Filters
   Fluorescent Light Bulbs
   Asbestos (removal, processing or handling)
Do you operate on-shore storage, maintenance or repair operations that involve the following activities (check all that apply).
   Cleaning operations that generate wastewater
   Solvent cleaning of metal parts
   Disposal of waste into a dumpster
   Floor drains
   Refrigeration systems and HVACs
Which of the following apply to your vessel that is operated in U.S. Waters?
   Non-recreational, non-military vessel 79 feet or greater in length
   Non-recreational, non-military vessel that discharges ballast water and is less than 79 feet in length
   Dispose of wastes from vessel other than bilge, ballast or sewer discharges
   Vessel is equiped with toilets
   Vessel is 400 tons or above and is powered by a category 3 diesel engine.
   Container vessel, passenger vessel, or refrigerated cargo vessel that visits a California port
   Do you operate or are you associated with a U.S. sea port?