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Please note: This summary is provided to help you understand the regulations. Consult the references provided for links to the full text of the regulations.

TERC Compliance Summary Tool -- Air

How many times have you asked yourself -- Do I need an operating permit? Do I have recordkeeping and reporting requirements adequately covered? Where can I find specific regulatory information for my airport/aircraft maintenance operations and in my state?

Environmental regulations affect every business that generates solid wastes, discharges wastewater, emits air pollutants or has the potential to cause environmental harm from stored petroleum products or chemicals. How do I deal with all of this?

This tool will help you answer these and other questions you may have. Using the tool you will be able to generate a customized compliance assistance checklist for your airport/aircraft maintenance facility. First, select the state where your operations are located, answer each of the questions below and click the "Obtain a Compliance Assistance Report" at the bottom of the form.

In which state is your facility located?
YesNoNot Sure
Are these wastes generated at your facility?
   Used oil and/or used oil filters
   Used fluorescent bulbs, batteries or other universal waste
   Spent solvent, contaminated oil or fuel, spent cleaners, etc.
   Used tires
Do you perform any of these maintenance operations?
   Servicing of air conditioning or refrigeration equipment (includes vehicles and/or facility)
   Spray Painting of aircraft, other vehicles or metal parts
   Solvent cleaning of vehicle parts or other metal parts
   Cleaning of metal parts (water-based)
   Cleaning operations or aircraft washing operations that generate wastewater
   Chemical storage and handling
   Machining of metal parts
   Repair transformers, capacitors or other electrical equipment
Are any of these activities/equipment items present at your facility?
   Supply/distribution of aircraft drinking water
   Aircraft refueling
   Ground vehicle refueling
   Aircraft/airfield pavement deicing
   Petroleum storage tanks with a cumulative capacity of greater than 1,320 gal.
   Boiler fueled with natural gas, butane, oil or coal
   Generator for emergency or auxiliary power
Do any of these items apply to your facility?
   Solid waste is stored in a dumpster
   Open floor drains are present in shop area into which spilled liquids can flow
   Facility is required to have a stormwater permit